Gothamist covers ECC rescue of slaughterhouse duck
Saturday, January 25, 2014

On January 21st, Gothamist featured the work of Empty Cages and one of our newest friends: "A plucky duck escaped her dinner plate fate last week by fleeing the Bushwick poultry market where she had been confined. The handsome brunette is believed to have broken free from her cage at Doubau Live Poultry on St. Nicolas Avenue, seeking refuge behind a nearby building amidst "garbage and dead Christmas trees" for nearly a week before animal rescue group Empty Cages Collective were tipped off to the refugee's hiding place. "The duck was starved and dehydrated when we finally got to her," the non-profit tells us. "But she should make a full recovery." Instead of the cramped, hectic and deadly atmosphere of the slaughterhouse, the duck will live out her days at the Indraloka Farm Animal Sanctuary in Pennsylvania, a farmed animal sanctuary run by a group of vegans, naturally. There she'll frolic in the fields free from fear with the likes of Lucy the flightless goose and Sheba the pea hen. Quite the upgrade!"